Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Things with which I have done: Part 2

In the second semester, I entered a competition brief, set by D&AD.
This brief was done in a group of four with myself, David Talbot, Oliver Moxham and Christiaan Huynen.

Together we had to use a range of ambient media to generate awareness, excitement and support for the Puma brand during the 2008 Olympic Games, with a campaign based around the concept of 'Perfomance Couture'.

After doing the usual research into the brand, we found that the biggest draw of Puma sports products, was their ability to be worn as fashion products as well.

So, we came up with three different ways of using ambient media, which would all link together to raise awareness for Puma. The overall idea was to create scenes that contained objects associated with both sports and fashion and bring them together in unusual ways.

The first of these ideas was to have a series of trucks travelling round the major cities chosen for the campaign. These would use seethrough materials for the trailer, so other cars would be able to look in. Inside would be people in Puma's sports clothes, walking up and down a catwalk, while other models, in Puma's more fashionable clothes, would be jogging on the spot, using tredmills.

The trucks would then park up in the city centres and release Puman. He/she is a Free Runner, who will travel around the city, performing amazing feats of athleticism, all in Pumas latest clothes. The truck would then turn into a station for customers (and fake customer) to come and exchange photos of Puman for sporting prizes.

This one off event would then be followed by the longer lasting Pumannequins. These would be mannequins dressed up in Puma clothes, left where ever Puman went, stuck in the pose of whatever action he/she was doing at the time. The amazing places the Pumannequins will appear will keep people looking out for them on the way to work/school, meaning they will actively seek out the promotion.

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Rob Mortimer (aka Famous Rob) said...

Crazy, but very interesting!

David Mortimer said...

Well, it asked for ambient...it implied crazy... :)

Rob Mortimer (aka Famous Rob) said...

To you EVERYTHING impies crazy.

But thats probably a good thing :D

Anonymous said...