Monday, 1 October 2007

What would Jesus drink?

There are so many energy drinks out these days, that the only way I can decide which one to buy is by mentally playing out a fight between the animals they're named after. Which is why the poor Red Rooster will never pass my lips... I just can't picture it beating a bull or a bear, let alone a shark!

Luckily Coca-Cola have made a new energy drink ridiculous enough to beat them all. Sure, it would be pleasant to have the energy of a bull, but why bother when I could be a 'RELENTLESS INFERNO'.

A Relentless Inferno! Take a moment to fully comprehend the power of those words. I'm fairly confident that if I drank it, I would explode in a ball of very alert fire.

And all of this is backed up by a can with such dark colours and ludicrously unreadable writing, that it manages to look like a cross between a real Ale and the Bible. I also received a money off voucher for it, which included the line 'Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change and the energy to change the things I can'. It's like some sort of holy miracle can!

I love things that are over the top and a biblical energy drink is just about silly enough to earn my money. Plus it would easily kill a bull...

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