Friday, 31 July 2009

Congratulations, the audience recalled none of the information!

The Quick Quid TV advert is surely a work of cunning genius.

It gets the perfect balance of boredom and repetition, so that after viewing it around four times I know the name and a general idea of what the business is.

Now perhaps this isn't the best a company could hope for after four viewings, but I think it's very successful for the fact that at no point after seeing the ad did I scream "Typical 2356% APR".

Typical 2356% APR

Now in fairness, this is a short term loan over perhaps a week or two, but that's one hell of a bombshell to sweep under the carpet.

Like I said, I only found this info on their website so I can't say for certain whether it's hidden in small writing somewhere at the bottom of the ad, or has just been kept away from TV at all costs like an ugly presenter.

Either way, I can't imagine it's a terribly good method of helping people in desperate need of money to make a sensible choice.

Still, I feel it does give us a good way of judging political campaigns. It's not the number of votes the BNP get, it's the number of adverts people can watch before thinking the word 'racist'.

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