Thursday, 15 November 2007

Phone a friend

I know pay as you go is the phone payment choice of children and I should grow up, get a contract and shut up, but I didn't know just how much for kids it was until I heard the new voice of Vodafone.
Now, I'm all for making company phone lines seem more human, and I have had some good experiences with Virgin Media who have done that recently.

However, when I want to check my top-up balance, a lengthy chat with homecoming queen 'Vicky' is not really what I want. Her 'OKs' and 'oh, by the ways' make a process, which took too long in the first place, even longer.

Not only that, but they seem to have retained the same old robotic voice for the personal details, which makes it an even more jarring switch from the standard stuff than before.

A friendly tone of voice is fine, but not when all you want to hear is some numbers!

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