Friday, 9 November 2007

Things I love which have vaguely effected my ability to work in advertising. Part 1

Right, I've been working non stop on Uni work and Grad applications for the last couple of weeks, so now I'm going to write about something I like.
Whilst working on those projects this week, I came across a promotion I couldn't refuse. A free computer game from one of my favourite series of all time, Sam 'n' Max.

For those who don't know, it's an old school click and point adventure game from the early nineties, which has now been brought up to date and released in episodic format over the Internet. It stars a dog and rabbity thing as a pair of freelance detectives, and it is awesome!

Unfortunately I had been unable to afford the series due to being a poor humble student, but having played the free episode, it brought back all the memories of how I used to love point and click adventure games when I was young.

Honestly I can link this to advertising, I promise... (and not just about how the free demo was a brilliant piece of publicity before the second season of the game comes out, which it really is, because now I won't to buy it instead of eating!)

Games like Sam 'n' Max and Monkey Island (all made by LucasArts), were pretty much where I got my sense of humour from, because the writing was always so good in them.

Not only that, but it must surely have contributed to my ability to find creative solutions to problems. If getting a giant freelance detective dog to put a fish shaped magnet on a severed hand, then the severed hand on a golf ball retriever to get a ring out of the worlds largest ball o' twine didn't help me think outside the box, then I don't know what did!

I suggest you all go to and have a laugh right now. Do it!


Rob Mortimer said...

I can't pick that up.

I can't pick that up.

I really can't pick that up. can't pick that up.


"Now look what you've done, you've hurt his feelings with your attempts to pick up that stupid object. In fact, if I didn't find his childish whining so amusing I'd come right out there and rip your limbs off."

To think, without them there'd be no Rabbity Guy. Oh by the way, if you don't find a campaign to utilize the genius of Rabbity guy within the first year of being a creative I will rip YOUR limbs off ;)

David Mortimer said...

Truely the computer game industry would be much worse off without my creations. And to a lesser extent LucasArt's...