Monday, 12 November 2007

We are Scientologists

Today was one of the most confusing days of my life. It started off with me being excited about having a free ticket to see We are Scientists, a band I'm particularly fond of.

I did wonder why it was free, and naturally assumed it had been scheduled for noon because it was an intimate acoustic set. (I love that term).

As we sat down, it soon became clear there were no instruments being set up, just a Powerpoint projected on a screen with the words 'Brain Thrust Mastery'.

I genuinely began to think the band had been brainwashed and were traveling round Universities trying to get others to join their (probably evil) cult.

Then the Powerpoint started, and I was relieved (but still confused) to see that it was the band taking the piss out of cults and self help schemes. Which they continued to do, for the rest of their hour long set.

Having been prepared to boo them off at the lack of music, it turned out to be quite an enjoyable comedy show, but it was still not at all what I expected when I got tickets to see a rock band.
Their music videos have always used comedy, and judging by their show, it is something they really enjoy. It was kind of heart warming to see them reveling in the chance to do something they love to a small crowd in Stoke on Trent, when they can, and do, sell out much bigger and more glamorous sets with their music.

I know the Ad industry is a hard one to crack, but I hope, even if I never make it to the top, that I continue to enjoy it every time I see a new brief, as much as those guys enjoyed performing comedy.


Rob Mortimer said...

Oh, and they are great live as well.

Nobody move nobody gets hurt is a cracking live tune.

David Mortimer said...

I wouldn't know...

I still can't believe it was a comedy act! The mind boggles.